Hare Krishna! The Mantra, The Movement and the Swami who Started it All - PLAYING NOW IN MAURITIUS


Following is time of screenings of Hare Krishna!
STAR La Croisette: Saturday 3rd: 6pm, 9pm
STAR La Croisette: weekend and public holiday: 11am, 1.30pm, 3.30pm, 6pm, 9pm
STAR La Croisette: week days: 2pm, 6pm, 9pm

Producers His Grace Yadubar Prabhu and Vishakha Mataji will be present at La Croisette at the 6pm showing on Tuesday 13th for interaction with the public after the film

STAR Bagatelle: Saturday 3rd: 9pm
STAR Bagatelle: Daily as from Sunday: 11am, 1.15pm, 3.30pm, 6pm, 9pm

Producers His Grace Yadubar Prabhu and Vishakha Mataji will be present at Bagatelle at the 6pm showing on Monday 12th, Thursday 14th and Friday 15th for interaction with the public after the film
Tickets will be available from STAR for Rs. 250
Screening is expected to end on Tuesday 13th

Hare Krishna! won the Jury Prize at the ILLUMINATE Film Festival 2017

Synopsis of the Hare Krishna!

10th Annual Mahebourg Waterfront Festival


The most awaited yearly Hare Krishna Waterfront Festival in Mauritius starting 15th to 17th December 2017. The festival will be held at L'esplanade Waterfront Mahebourg, Mauritius.

Schedule of visiting senior devotees in December 2017

Mauritius will be graced by senior devotees during this end of year 2017 season.
Please click on the links to view the schedules.

His Holiness Bhakti Caitanya Swami

His Holiness Bhakti Dhira Damodara Swami

His Grace Sriman Sankarshan Das Adhikari

Gita Jayanti 2017

Poster Gita Jayanti_final.jpg


ISKCON Phoenix is celebrating Gita Jayanti on national level in collaboration with Hindu House at Grand bassin (Gawshala) on Thursday 30 Nov.

Sri Krishna Janmastami

Tuesday 15th of August
6pm to Midnight
at all ISKCON centres in Mauritius

His Grace Gaura Gopal's Prabhu's First Visit To Mauritius

Gaura Gopal Prabhu,international lifestyle coach and brhamacari preacher from "Radha Gopinath Mandir", Chowpatty Mumbai, will be in Mauritius during the first week of June. You may find his schedule here:


TOVP Update Nov 2017


Prananath Das: Another new video for the pleasure of the worldwide devotees. This time I’ve put together a new update video for the TOVP, and once again I wanted to honor our dear Agnideva Prabhu by including his beautiful “krishna tava punya habe bhai” soundtrack. Filmed in 4K, so if your connection can handle it, that’s the best way to watch it.

All India Launch of the Movie, “Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami who started it all”


In the 20th century, people were completely intoxicated with material progress, growth and modernisation. In that, the 2 gruesome World Wars had inflicted lot of pain and suffering in the world. Along with external warfare, the countries also faced internal socio-economic and political pressures in the form of unemployment, poverty, economic depression, etc. People in general had become selfish and insensitive which led to rebellious attitude in the air, especially amongst the youths.

Vice President of India Calls Srila Prabhupada an “Ambassador of Indian Civilization”


The Vice President of India, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, inaugurated ISKCON's East West Cultural Festival in New Delhi yesterday. The event also saw the Indian premiere of the film Hare Krishna!, written and directed by Yadubara Das and Visakha Dasi.
Dr. Bibek Debroy, one of the world’s best-known economists and Indologists, participated as the Guest of Honour. Debroy is also an executive member of India’s Planning Commission (NITI Aayog) and Chairman of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Economic Advisory Council.
The audience of more than 1,800 guests included businessmen, diplomats, and government officials, along with senior ISKCON leaders, 38 disciples of Srila Prabhupada, devotees and members of ISKCON.

Maha-Mantra Featured at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Moscow


Married couple and Krishna devotees Vadim Eremeev and Kira Sergeeva delivered a beautiful, soaring acoustic performance of the Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra, the bhajan “Jaya Radha Madhava,” and the chant “Sarva Mangalam” at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Moscow this October.
The songs soundtracked a collection by well-known fashion designer Ksenia Seraya on October 25th, showcasing spring-summer 2018 fashions.

ISKCON Turin, Italy, Opens New Center


On the 5th of November ISKCON Turin, Italy, celebrated the opening of a new Temple situated near the city’s downtown.
In the previous months, in the old center some neighbors regularly disturbed the programs in many different ways, devotees could not have kirtans, and there were other obstacles that discouraged guests from visiting the temple.

Havi Das Delivers Krishna Conscious Message at Latin Grammys


Srila Prabhupada disciple and popular Venezuelan musician Havi Das (Ilan Chester) delivered a deep and powerful Krishna conscious message while receiving a Latin Grammy award recently.
The speech and its message of substance, amidst more typical award acceptance fare, was well received by the audience.
Havi was being presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at a special awards event in the Four Seasons hotel in Las Vegas, during the 18th annual Latin Grammys on November 15th.

3,000 Pound Golden Chakra Installed on TOVP Planetarium Dome


On Thursday August 10th, a golden Sudarshan Chakra, weighing 1,400 kilograms (3,086 lbs), was installed on the Planetarium Wing dome of ISKCON’s under-construction Temple of the Vedic Planetarium in Mayapur, West Bengal.



Every Wednesday
Vaisnava Sanga at Sri Sri Radha Golokananda temple, Phoenix
From 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

And be happy



Natural Economy, Cow Protection and the Mode of Goodness.


Like so many things, both Economy and Cow Protection can exist in the Mode of Ignorance, the Mode of Passion and the Mode of Goodness. And although the Economic models can be perceived easily through the different modes of Nature, its way more difficult to differentiate Cow Protection within the different modes of Nature. It’s only been within the last 20 years or so that Cow Protection has taken on any kind of form.

The Life of Devotional Dynamism


I first came across this quote many years ago and found it intuitively, inspiringly insightful. Over the years, I have contemplated it in the light of the Bhagavad-gita’s bhakti wisdom, wisdom that was probably unknown to Powell.

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