Nrsimha Caturdasi 2016

Narsimha Caturdasi 2016

Appearance of Lord Nrsimhadeva will be celebrated on Friday 20th May 2016. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of ISKCON, Sri Nrsimha Maha Yagna will be performed at Sri Sri Radha Golokananda temple. Please check the poster for more details.

ISKCON Disciples Course

Cordially invites participants for the course on
ISKCON Disciple, to be run at Phoenix
The topics covered in the ISKCON Disciples Course:

50 Hours Kirtan at HKL, Phoenix


Friday 15th April - 9am to midnight
Saturday 16th April - 9am to 4.30am (next day)
Sunday 17th April - 9am to 4.30am (next day)
His Grace Mahatma prabhu will sing at 6pm on Sunday.
You may view the full schedule here

Ram Nawmi


Firday 15th April
Hare Krishna Land, Phoenix: Mid Day Programme:
11am to 11.45am - Kirtan
11.45 to 12.30 - Lecture
12.30 to 1.15pm - Arti
1.15pm - light prasadam

Evening Programme:

BCEC Youth Camps


The Bhaktivedanta College of Education and Culture is organising youth camp retreats for children under 18 at the Bhakti pre-primary school, Petit Paquet, Montagne Blanche during the April school holidays.
Send your children to experience inter-dependent sadhu sanga, power-point discussion on subjects from Srila Prabhupada's books, games and quizzes, Krishna katha, japa, kirtan, bhajan, harinam and sumptuous prasadam.
His Holiness Bhakti Brhat Bhagavat Maharaja will be among the facilitators. (Registration details below).

Krishna IS....


HH Bhaktimarg Maharaja is known as ISKCON's "Drama Swami" - He brings Krishna lila to life through drama. Last year, at the Krishna Balarama Mandir, Maharaja directed "The Little Big Ramayana" and was so pleased with the result that he said he would direct a drama each year in Mauritius - giving his time to teaching and encouraging our youth. This year Maharaja will be directing a drama, "Krishna IS..."

BCEC Disciples Courses

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It is a GBC resolution that the ISKCON Disciple Course, as developed by the GBC Guru Services Committee, shall be a mandatory pre-requisite for all devotees accepting first or second initiation by an ISKCON guru, effective Janmastami, 2015. After that date, no guru may initiate a disciple who has not first completed the Disciple Course. This is in addition to current requirements of new initiates.

ISKCON Disciples Courses for 2016 in Mauritius
A. Venue: Sri Sri Krsna Balarama Mandir - BCEC Classroom
(Vrindavan Road, Bon Accueil)


“Krsna – The Sweet Lord”


An app for Android smartphones, entitled “Krsna – The Sweet Lord,” is now available on the Google Play Store for free and promises to place the best of what ISKCON has to offer in the palm of your hand. The app, developed by ISKCON Juhu of Mumbai, received a soft launch for an internal devotee audience on December 14th, when it was unveiled by Radhanath Swami at Mumbai’s Chowpatty temple.

Krishnas at UK Anti-Nuclear Rally


Around fifteen ISKCON devotees brought the sound of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra and the taste of sanctified vegetarian food to a huge anti-nuclear march in London on February 27th. It was Britain’s biggest anti-nuclear march in a generation. Thousands of campaigners gathered from all over the world to protest the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons program, estimated to cost £41 billion. The money, they said, should be spent on education and the National Health Service instead.

50 Padayatras for ISKCON’s 50th


Fifty padayatras – traditionally a journey on foot accompanied by kirtan and spiritual book distribution – are being offered by the Padayatra Worldwide Ministry to Srila Prabhupada in celebration of ISKCON’s 50th anniversary.

ISKCON Chennai Helps in Floods


Flooded with a population of 4.6 million affected due to floods caused by heavy rainfall, the city of Chennai, capital of the Indian state Tamil Nadu has been declared a national disaster zone by the Indian government. With no power, food or water supply, life in Chennai has become close to impossible.

Bhakti Gets Grammy Nomination


Bhakti Without Borders, a charity kirtan album featuring mostly second generation ISKCON singers, has been nominated for a Grammy – the biggest music recognition award in the United States.

Second Vaisnava Film Awards


In 2006, the 1st Vaisnava Film Awards took center stage at the Mayapur Festival. There have been many "films" made since then. The time has come to honor the best productions during the past 10 years.

Nexus Conference 2015


Over the past few years, Govardhan Eco Village(GEV) has been making steady attempts to generate positive change waves on the social and environmental front through its multifarious programs and projects. GEV is frequently visited to witness a working model of spiritual ecology demonstrated with its efforts in areas like Organic Farming, Cow Care, Green building, Community living, Integrated waste management, Alternative Energy generation, Education, Rain water conservation, Floriculture and biodiversity projects.


Nirjala Ekadasi
Thu 16 June 2016



Sanatana-Dharma: Its Real Meaning


When it comes to understanding the meaning of Sanatana-dharma, we have to be aware of its Sanskrit definition. The root of the word dharma comes from dhri, which means to uphold or maintain. The Sanskrit says dharayati iti dharmaha, which translates as dharma is that which upholds. However, not only what is supported is dharma, but that which does the supporting is also dharma, dhriyate iti dharmaha. So dharma consists of both the force that sustains as well as what is sustained.

The Magnanimity of a Devotee


A devotee of the Supreme Lord is magnanimous and an inspiration to one and all. A devotee of the Lord is all-purifying and it is by great fortune that one comes to associate with him. Infact even a moment’s association with a Pure devotee of the Lord is highly glorified in the scriptures and is said to bestow all good fortune upon the other.

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