Visit of HG Shubha Vilas Pr

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His Grace Shubha Vilas Prabhu, author of a six volume series "Ramayana - The Game of Life" and world travelling ISKCON preacher, will be in Mauritius at the end of October.

Janmasthami 2016


Weeks before the most awaited festival Sri Krishna Janmashtami Mahotsava, devotees and well wishers started to prepare for the appearance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna.

HH Kadamba Kanana Swami - visit


His Holiness Kadamba Kanan Swami is a senior devotee and initiating guru of ISKCON. Born April 12, 1953 in Amsterdam; he later ventured to India on a quest to seek out a greater meaning to life.

Sri Radhasthami 2016


Friday 9th September
Programme at Hare Krishna Land, Phoenix begins at 11 am with abhishek, kirtan, lecture and prasadam at 2pm.
Evening programme 7pm to 9pm - prasadam will be served

Gita Champions League

Discover the Arjuna within You

Today's world is moving at an incredible pace. We are all bombarded by an incredible amount of information - emails, newspapers, magazines, news, TV channels, movies, cinemas. Not to speak of the content - violence, crime, accidents, wars, drug abuse, rape, suicide.
Today's adult is frustrated with his job, stressed with the responsibilities and ever increasing demands.
The child is not spared neither. Even a superficial analysis of the variety of exposures a child receives today, is enough to scare us about their future. The media and internet expose the child to violence, insanity, pornography and so much stimulations that it is difficult for the child not to succumb.

Ratha Yatra

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You are all invited to Sri Jagannath Ratha Yatra from Morcellement St. Andre to Sri Pancha Tattva Mandir on Saturday the 9th of July.

ISKCON Incorporation 50th


You are all invited to a special all day programme at Hare Krishna Land, Phoenix celebrating the 50th anniversary of ISKCON's incorporation on Wednesday the 13th of July. The schedule is as follows:


Italian Parliament Hosts ISKCON 50 Conference


The conference was entitled “Fifty Years of the Krishna Consciousness Movement: Srila Prabhupada, Messenger of Peace and Spiritual Knowledge” and it was held at the Chamber of Deputies, one of two houses in the Italian Parliament’s bicameral legislature and a spot where all major political decisions are made. At least one hundred devotees of different ages and “ashramas” or stages of life represented ISKCON at the conference, and the Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies introduced it.

Religious and Political Leaders Appreciate Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON at 50th Anniversary Gala in Washington D.C.


Many international religious and political leaders honored ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada’s achievements and contributions at a special ISKCON 50th Anniversary Gala Event in Washington D.C. on Tuesday September 13th.

ISKCON Brahmapur’s Permanent Book Store at Railway Station for ISKCON 50


Devotees of ISKCON Brahmapur in the Indian state of Orissa made a unique offering to Srila Prabhupada on 16thAugust for the 50th anniversary: they have opened a permanent book store inside their local railway station with the permission of the railway authorities.

Ramayana Musical Premiers at West Liberty University


A two-and-a-half hour musical production of India’s ancient epic the Ramayana entitled “Ramayana: Past in Present” premiered from August 25th to 28th in the Kelley Theater at West Liberty University, West Virginia, USA. Opening on Janmastami night with an auspicious 108 people in the audience, the musical carried students and faculty into a whole new world of culture, adventure and philosophy.

New Hare Krishna YouTube Channel Gets Tens of Thousands of Views


The 3t Path, a new YouTube channel started by Giridhari Das, a Brazilian devotee who in the past has been in charge of the Portuguese BBT and been the President of the ISKCON Brazil National Council, has gotten over 30 thousand views since starting just three weeks ago, with 12 thousand views just on his japa meditation video.

WSN August 2016 – World Sankirtan Newsletter


This is the latest report from the World Sankirtan Newsletter. It is a compilation of book distribution statistics in India & America. The communique features a comprehensive report and specific stats.

Devotees Inaugurate Newly Renovated Leicester Temple


Devotees at ISKCON of Leicester, England, publicly inaugurated their temple and presented new renovations to Srila Prabhupada as an offering for ISKCON’s 50th anniversary on Saturday July 30th.

It was a special moment for Leicester devotees. Back in September 2010, their Thoresby Street temple was completely destroyed by a gas leak explosion in the kitchen.


Kartik month 2016
Starts 16th October
Ends 14th November

Jagannath Ratha Yatra
Saturday 22nd October
Starting 2 pm
From St Julien Village, school lane
To Bon Accueil

Radha Kunda Appearance
Sunday 23rd October

Govardhan Puja
Monday 31st October



Teaching and Disciplining in the Modes of Material Nature


According to the Bhagavad-gita, one’s activities can either be in goodness, passion, or ignorance.
There is no being existing, either here or among the demigods in the higher planetary systems, which is freed from these three modes born of material nature.

The Heart of the Gita


Just as a very good sweet will have something hidden inside of it, or a company will have the inner group of key people, the Gita has a core made up of four verses. These are called the Catur Sloki (catur = four, and sloki = verses), and they summarize the entire Gita.

Videos From Around The World

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Mayapur Videos
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Mayapur Live
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