Giri-Govardhan BA

In 2002 two beautiful Giriraja Govardhan shilas blessed the Krishna Balarama Temple.

Govardhan is the holiest of mountains, having come from Goloka Vrindavan, the eternal abode of Lord Krishna into the material universe by the divine arrangement of the Supreme Lord. Govardhana Hill is a topmost servant of Krishna because he provided beautiful places for Krishna to perform His pastimes, rich pastures for the cows of Vrindavan and soothing waterfalls and lakes for the cowherds of Vrindavan. Krishna lifted Govardhan Hill for seven days and nights so that the residents of Vrindavan could find shelter under the huge hill when Lord Indra sent a terrible storm to punish them all for having stopped worshippng him.

The stones (shilas) from Govardhan Hill may be worshipped as hari dasa varya – the best devotee of Krishna or as Krishna Himself.

namaste girirajaya sri govardhana namine ashesha klesha nashaya paramananda dayine
Translation: "Let us offer our respectful obeisances unto the King of hills, Whose name is Govardhana. He is a servant of Krishna and is Krishna Himself. He destroys unlimited miseries and bestows the highest bliss."

Out of respect, devotees never climb Govardhan Hill or take rocks from his slopes. Govardhan shilas are only to devotees to worship with the permission of their spiritual master.

On Govardhan-puja Giri-Govardhan at Krishna Balarama Mandir is worshipped with great pomp.

Krishna Balarama Govardhan Shilas