Madhava Prabhu's Kirtan


Madhava prabhu, son of Krishna Chandra prabhu, joined the 24 hour kirtan in Vrindavana when he was only eighteen years old. There, he became attached to Aindra prabhu, spending five years absorbed in chanting the holy names under his care. His attachment to the holy names melted the hearts of devotees all around the world, so much so that Madhava prabhu and his wife Radhika Mataji are invited to countries all around the world to share their love of kirtan with everyone.

In May this year, Madhava and Radhika visited Mauritius and two public programmes were organised for them.
One for the youth at Flic en Flac, where Madhava prabhu spoke on the mood of chanting and the other at Hare Krishna Land, Phoenix. You may listen to the talk and excerpts of kirtan here (under the Variety Lecture section).