Objectives of the ISKCON Youth Forum

Objectives of the Youth Forum

1. To establish a youth group of spiritually strong students, who are genuine practitioners and who will be like beacon lights for guiding the rest of the society in spiritual life

2. To train students in the philosophy of Krishna consciousness, its universal applicability, and its profound depth

3. To train students to become preachers

4. To assist personality development, to give a real meaning to the lives of young people and to teach them how to live a God-centred life of purity and dedication with love and trust amongst one another

5. To identify talents in the youth, and dovetail these talents for the service of God

6. To present Krishna conscious philosophy in a scientific way through all possible mediums of communication — books, video/audio cassettes, OHP presentations, slide shows, dramas, charts, pictures, magazines, etc.

7. To inspire, engage and empower young people in Krishna consciousness to their fullest potential