Vaikuntha Vibes

Vaikuntha Vibes is a group of musically talented youth who have grouped together under the aegis of the ISKCON YOUTH FORUM to glorify Lord Krishna. They play at festivals and other functions.

Nayana Abhiram Das and Madhukant Dasa play the bass guitar and percussions, Aditya and Vishnu play the electric guitar and drums and Gopesa Dasa masters the keyboard. Along with these 3, Sundara Lala Dasa and Madhukantha Das are all lead singers.

Kusum Sarovar, Yasoda and Varoona also sing with the group.

On the occasion of Sri Krishna Janmasthami 2008 Vaikuntha Vibes launched their first CD album,"Tune Your Life". You may download this album, for free, here.

Since, the Vaikuntha Vibes have produced two more ablums which are available at our temple gift shops.