Girls Forum

For the past few years, there has been a growing number of young devotee girls regularly attending temple programmes. The eager youth expressed their desire to build a team of like-minded teenagers, with whom they could do the following activities:

 Learn more about Vaishnava philosophy and study Srila Prabhupada’s books

 Be trained in activities such as drama and book distribution so that they can increase their participation in temple activities and festivals.

 Attend Krishna conscious home economic classes to learn skills that can be used in Sri Sri Radha-Golokananda’s service

 Learn how to lead kirtan and play devotional musical instruments

 Have spiritual fun by going on outings together

The Devotee Care Team at Phoenix temple responded to the girls’ strong desire by setting up a core-team of 4 young Matajis to organize activities and training for them. Thus, on Sunday July 13th, the ISKCON Girls Forum (IGF) was formed. Teenage girls doing regular service at the temple were chosen to become the first members of the IGF. Once the team is established, its doors will open to other serious, dedicated youth. Girls only!