Ram Nawmi

Lord Ram is the most popular incarnation of Krishna. His transcendental adventures told in Valmiki’s Ramayana are famous throughout the world.

Lord Ram was the ideal monarch and his virtuous life is a perfect example for everyone in family life to follow. Narrations of his affectionate dealings with his family and devotion to His wife, Sita Devi, have enchanted generations of devotees. Lord Ram’s worship is very popular in Mauritius and almost every Hindu is a Hanuman bhakta. Hanuman himself was a great devotee of Lord Ram.

The temple programme in Mauritius is held in the evening and usually includes a colourful dance or drama depicting Lord Ramachandra’s pastimes.

In Mauritius Ram Nawmi may be taken as an optional half-day holiday, so at Phoenix temple we also have a noon programme.

Fasting is until sunset.