Food for Life Global


Food for Life is an international relief programme. Following is the mission of Food for Life and some facts about its service to the people of the world

Facts about Food for Life Global

• served more than a 100 million sanctified meals to the needy since 1974

• is serving free meals at a rate of one every second of the day

• relief programmes are now operating in 60 countries

• services now include: emergency food relief, medical care, clothing, education, housing, organic farming, cow protection, and drug rehabilitation

• has or is currently collaborating with UNICEF, UNHCR, OXFAM, Red Cross, The Salvation Army, FIMA, The World Food Program and numerous other NGOs and governmental departments around the world

• more than 95% of Food for Life workers are volunteers

• because of its low overheads, an average meal served by Food for Life costs only a few cents, making it the most cost efficient relief organization in the world

The mission of Food for Life Global

• welfare: to eradicate hunger and malnutrition by providing free sanctified vegetarian meals to the disadvantaged, and victims of disaster (natural or manmade), wherever there is a need in the world

• health: to establish Food for Life Health Education centres throughout the world. These centres will provide free or inexpensive vegetarian meals, counselling, health education and living skills training to those in need

• youth development: to establish Rural Academies for Youth ("Krishna's R.A.Y. of Hope"), whereby people from the ages of 16-25 are trained in bhakti yoga, cow protection and sustainable agriculture, centred around spiritual values

• hospitality: to revive the ancient Vedic culture of hospitality, and to teach people by example that there is spiritual equality among all beings