The Stone Work

The main marble mines of India are located in Makrana in Rajasthan, situated to the west of Jaipur. The marble used in the Taj Mahal came from there. It was from there that we obtained all the marble and stone work used in the construction of Their Lordships Sri Sri Krishna Balarama's temple. Karoli red and Hindaun pink sand-stones, as well as Makrana white and pink marbles were used in the decor of Krishna-Balarama temple.

Arjuna Das ACBSP supervised the marble work for ISKCON's Juhu, Mumbai project from 1976 to 1981. The marble contractor for that work was the Thakur of Makrana, Thakur Vijay Singh. For Sri Sri Krishna Balarama's temple, the marble contractor was his son, Chandraveer Singh, of Chandrama Overseas Marbles.

Workers from Jaipur spent two and a half years fixing the gorgeously carved and intricate marble and sandstone pieces to the temple architecture. The effect is very beautiful. Many tourists touring Mauritius, stop to visit the temple because it stands out in its rural setting. Please come and see the gorgeous stonework for yourself. You will also have the opportunity to have darshan of the gorgeous Deities of Sri Sri Krishna-Balarama, visit the goshalla,and buy snacks in the temple kiosk.